Pedal for Pat

Pedal for Pat is a celebration of the life, tenacity, and spirit of a beloved DCCT client, Pat, who passed this last year after living with type 1 diabetes (T1D) for over 7 decades. On 5/22/2022, our long-time volunteer, Jack, plans to ride his bike – nonstop – from Seattle, WA to Eugene, OR. Jack, who worked closely with Pat and has T1D, will complete the 310-mile bike route as an ode to the beautiful life lived by Pat, as a fundraiser for DCCT’s restructuring and programs, and as a demonstration of the high-level athletic achievements capable by people with T1D.

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The Diabetes Community Care Team is a  nonprofit, Pharmacist-operated diabetes clinic which increases opportunities for people living with diabetes to access medical care and education. Our specially-trained diabetes pharmacists provide quality care for individuals living with all types of diabetes.

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Diabetes Education

Diabetes Education Center providing educational support for people living with all types of diabetes, with a special focus towards teens/young adults living with type 1.

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Pharmacy and insurance liaison assistance to access affordable insulin, CGM, and other diabetes supplies.

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B.E.T.A Program

Buddies Empower Teach and Achieve

A personalized program catered to your individual needs 

BETA is a free 8 – 12 week mentorship program for children and teens with type one diabetes. Each mentee is paired with trained paraprofessionals that provide education, support, and encouragement to those living with type 1 diabetes.  Sharing experiences about living with diabetes helps both the mentor and mentee to connect, and provide support and advice on navigating life with diabetes. The goal of the program is to help the mentee feel empowered and more comfortable living with and managing their diabetes while also building a supportive community. Activities are tailored to the mentee’s interests and structured to allow mentees to gain diabetes knowledge and skills that help them work towards achieving their diabetes goals.  

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