BETA Mentors


My name is Isaiah Mills, I’ve been involved with DCCT for the past two terms I’ve been attending U of O. I joined this organization because I want to be a role model and example to these kids, someone to show them they aren’t alone as a diabetic, and to fill the gap that I felt when I was newly diagnosed. I feel like I make that difference for them here.

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I joined BETA because having a community of other type 1s is such an amazing experience, and it is so important to have someone to talk to about daily life living with T1 diabetes. I hope to share what I have learned and offer encouragement to other type 1s so they know that they are not alone, and I hope to see them grow in their diabetes management.

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Like many others, I have found that type 1 diabetes has the potential to brew a degree of uncertainty, frustration, and isolation, both with respect to glycemic management as well as diabetes’ interaction with day-to-day life. I see the BETA program as a fantastic opportunity to provide guidance and support for other type 1s, and to remind them that they are not alone in this fight.

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There is nothing more special than spending time with other people with type 1 diabetes. The opportunity to share information about diabetes and help other t1ds achieve goals and overcome obstacles is a dream come true. The work that Diabetes Community Care Team is doing through this program is unprecedented and I am deeply honored to be a part of it.

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Growing up as a person with Type 1 Diabetes, I didn’t have peers that shared the same experiences I did. My family and friends offered a support network, but they could never really understand the emotional and physical toll T1D had on me. I joined the BETA program so I could offer my experiences, good and bad, about T1 diabetes; so other T1’s wouldn’t be alone in their experiences.

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When I first came here to Eugene, I was new to town and I didn’t know how to deal with my blood sugar and living alone in a new place. Then, I met Julie, and she has helped me and supported me so much with my blood sugar over the last 3 years. Being a part of DCCT and the BETA program is giving me an opportunity to help and support people with type 1 diabetes, just like Julie did for me when I first came here.

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I am excited to be a part of BETA because we all need to be reminded that life’s struggles do not need to be overcome alone. People with type 1 diabetes are awesome, we deal with the daily grind and thrive regardless. Getting to share with and learn from others about how to make the grind less grinding while also having fun is why I am excited to be on the team of BETA mentors.

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Before meeting Julie, I strongly believed that what was happening inside my body was out of my control. I thought that running with high glucose 24/7 was an issue that no doctor could ever fix. I was wrong, it wasn’t that I was a “broken diabetic” but that no doctor I had seen for the past 8 years had actually cared enough to help me control my own blood sugars. Until I met Julie at DCCT, in which she changed my life and the future of my health. I became a mentor for BETA because at one point in my life I thought I was a lost cause. That no matter how hard I tried, I could never be a “perfect” diabetic. I soon realized after working with Julie at DCCT, that there is no “perfect” diabetic. I became a BETA mentor because I want to hopefully help other diabetics the way Julie helped me.

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BETA Mentees


Hi Family and Friends, As all of you know Sara was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes 3 years ago when she was just a tiny 2 year old. She is our type 1 warrior! Sara recently started kindergarten and educating others about type 1 diabetes and spreading awareness is just a beginning. It can be very isolating when you have invisible illness. Sara and our family found amazing support from our local pharmacy and diabetes education clinic DCCT. It’s very empowering to meet people who are on your team and just like you (other type 1’s). Sara has been attending free BETA program since the beginning of the year and she’s been loving her mentors, and seeing that she is not the only one living with a demanding chronic illness. DCCT makes life with diabetes a lot easier by providing education, connecting people with the right resources and new technology. DCCT also helps Type 1’s who can’t afford life saving insulin through its charitable pharmacy! We attended craft nights, bowling, mini golf and pizza outings completely free of charge. With Diabetes Awareness month approaching, Sara and our family would like to give some love back and are kindly asking you to consider a donation for DCCT’s fundraiser. Please help us keep these amazing services coming and serving our local community!! Thank you for joining the efforts. Sara and the Fam.

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